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What is a Direct Examiner?

A direct paramedical examiner is a medically trained professional with experience in nursing, paramedics, phlebotomy, and, sometimes, medical assistance. Direct paramedical examiners work in conjunction with insurance companies rather than affiliate directly with one of the major four paramedical companies.

Direct paramedical examiners are small-business owners/operators whose primary concern is the establishment of mutually beneficial business relationships with insurance agencies. These individuals generally place a heavy emphasis on customer service and personal one-on-one attention, something you don't get from big paramedical companies.

When comparisons between direct examiners and paramedical companies are made, several unique advantages stand out. Knowing these advantages, choosing to work with a direct examiner becomes the obvious right choice.

What are Advantages of a Direct Examiner?

  • RExams aims to build relationships with agents based on integrity, mutual respect, and honesty. In sharp contrast, paramedical companies essentially function by the numbers. To the consumer, this means that many companies and their policies feel impersonal and cold

  • RExams’ examiners are available 24/7, unlike paramedical companies who operate only during business hours

  • RExams provides results immediately, whereas paramedical companies make clients wait for exam results

  • RExams offers daily status updates of all cases by text, e-mail, or fax when requested, while paramedical companies do not

  • RExams’ services are personalized for each individual client we work with, while paramedical companies often provide cookie-cutter and/or "one-size-fits-all" types of services

  • Scheduling is quick and extremely efficient with RExams. While scheduling might be difficult when dealing with a paramedical company, RExams can be called while you are on the phone with a client to have their appointment scheduled

  • RExams provides immediate responses to all questions. When working with a paramedical company you will be asked to wait for answers to your questions while a branch office tracks down the examiner who holds those answers

  • When you hire RExams, you feel connected to a real person, which helps alleviate your, as well as your clients’, concerns. In comparison, it's difficult to get to know anybody personally when working with a paramedical company

  • Direct examiners are an extension of the quality service that you want to provide your clients. The quality of my exams reflects directly back to you, the agent

  • Satisfied clients are likely to recommend you to family, friends, and even other businesses. RExams focuses on customer service and efficiency, which leads to more satisfied clients